Brand Design
During my time at Fairphone, I took charge of revamping the company's presentation templates, both for internal meetings and external presentations. The goal was to make sure every slide reflected Fairphone's mission and values.
UI Design

In addition to my work on presentation templates, I contributed to improving the UI of the Fairphone website. This included developing a comprehensive style guide to maintain consistency across the site and creating visually appealing assets for the website and webshop.
Visual Design for Social Media and Newsletters

I created graphics and animations for Fairphone's social media channels, contributing to the company's online presence and engaging with our community. These visuals reinforced Fairphone's brand identity and values, fostering meaningful interactions with our audience.
Marketing emails Templates UI

I designed templates for Fairphone's marketing newsletters, crafting engaging content that resonated with our audience and effectively communicated Fairphone's brand message. This involved creating templates for both transactional emails and promotional newsletters, ensuring a cohesive and impactful marketing strategy.