Together with my design team, we created a product consisting of three connected elements that aims at helping Delft residents keep track of their energy consumption. The individual parts are the Model of Delft and its kiosk, the movable Monolith and the app, which connects them all.
Adobe XD, Illustrator, Procreate
The Process
Research and Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, User Testing
The Team
Adam Cerven, Chiho Shinozaki, 
Greta Zanin, Jules Brouwer and Justus Bremer
The app guides Delft residents through their environmental journey, informing about what can be done to achieve a greener lifestyle and motivating its users into monitoring and reducing their energy consumption with a scoring system section.  
Also the logo incorporates all the fundamental aspects of this project's goal: the green energy, the nature and the residential factor.
The product consists of multiple interactive components. Here is an overview of the kiosk visual design, which is connected directly with the model of Delft and it automatically activates the lights of the physical model.​​​​​​​