The project’s objective was to create a sustainable card-giving experiences for the B2B market that matches the users’ needs and values.
In these current times of insecurity and discomfort, where human connections have been hindered by the pandemic and its consecutive lock-down, there’s an urge to restore the sense of community and appreciation for each other through digital services and innovations.
A sustainable solution to strengthen B2B relations
Carden, the design solution, is a creative space where users can create sustainable personal gestures for fellow employees and clients. This design product combines both physical and digital elements aiming at enhancing human relations in business environments. 
An essential step of my process was to translate my findings and ideas into a visual overview of the app, displaying the basic actions and design elements. Below, an overview of wireframes showing the userflow and the number of steps necessary for the users to achieve their goals. 
Once the wireframes had been tested, I designed the high fidelity version of the app, incorporating the aesthetic choices from my style guide, and refining the overall product.
Together with the designing of the app, I also created a landing page aimed at triggering the curiosity of CEOs and employees and to give an overview of what the product is about, its sustainable background and, more importantly, to provide a way to buy the business plan and start the experience.